PackOS notifications are used to manage system emails and create system notfications to monitor some of the informations provided by LogiX and send them to alert users about what may concern them like for instance OEE for picked machine is too low or order was closed with production below ordered.

Notifications tab is accessible from Settings

Right now we’ve got possibility to:

  • subscribe to your own set of user notifications manually (tab My subscriptions)

  • be automatically subscribed to a set of team notifications which your account is a part of (see which are assigned to your team in tab Teams subscriptions)

  • mix team and user subscriptions

Note: granting other users notifications is possible in Users subscriptions for users with proper permissions in Notifications tab but adding user to designated team or creating new team can be done only in ConfigHub by account with proper permissions set

By clicking on bell icon user can see only the notifications that their account was subscribed.

Number of new notifications that account is subscribed to is visible on bell icon

Beside these options users got also possibility to see a list of all the notifications for chosen day for a plant by clicking on the List button under notification bell icon and unmarking checkbox Subscribed only. At the top of this window we can also change from which plant we want to see notifications. Clicking on notification should redirect user to plant/line/machine - depending what was chosen when creating subscription.

Mobile push notifications

Clicking on ‘Enable push notifications’ and granting permissions on PackOS will get subscribed push notifications on your mobile phone where LogiX Cockpit application is configured.