10. LogiX Architecture



LogiX can be used as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). In this scenario ilabo is responsible for hosting and maintaining infrastructure.

We deploy our edge component - LogiX Gate to your shopfloor server(s), which delivers messages to PackOS hosted on Azure by ilabo.

After a short setup, you can open https://packos.cloud and see your factory

Private Azure - Public Architecture

If you expect more control, PackOS can be hosted in your private Azure. We deploy two instances on two separate subscriptions, one for production and one for stage

Because PackOS was prepared from scratch as a SaaS, it can be securely hosted on a “public” environment, accessible from any computer with a simple URL (e.g. packos.company.com)

Staging environment can be used to review a new PackOS version before rollout. Selected shopfloor data is passed through to the staging environment in real time. Factory configuration (e.g. list of downtime rules) is refreshed once in a while, to provide a similar environment to the production setup, to validate a new version.

Public Setup

Private Azure - Private Architecture

For highest security and highest control, PackOS can be deployed in a private setup. Where all components connected to the private virtual network which is peered with other enterprise-wide networks. In this way, you need to be inside the corporate network to access PackOS.

ilabo maintains the solution through a Jump Host machine

Private Setup