Reports – Availability

The availability report is one of the most important and allows you to find the main causes of downtime in a particular area, or line as well as identify machines and events that cause the most downtime. It includes data from the "work spectrum site” but does not include working hours.

In the report, you can find the total duration and number of occurrences of a given downtime or state (e.g. inactive) depending on the selected period: day, week, or month.

Downtimes view

Column chart

It shows the total duration of a given downtime (top column) and the quantity of a given downtime (bottom column), for the selected period.

The purple line shows the percentage of time according to the Pareto principle and hierarchize the downtime according to its impact on a given area, line, or machine. 

If you hover the cursor over a given downtime, you will see a popup with details: Duration, Quantity, Pareto.


Shows total states duration arranged from the longest.

Each downtime or state is identified with the line and machine for which it occurred. When you analyze the report from the area level, you may see the same downtime or states assigned to machines on different lines.

Displays in columns: Duration, Quantity, Availability loss, Performance loss, Utilization loss.


Availability report shows downtime for a selected period. You can narrow down your filtering result by using:

Period: shift, day, week - from Sunday to Saturday, month or select the exact dates

By default, the week period, is set from Sunday to Saturday. Note: In the factory context, time is counted from the 'Day of the work' data.

Moment: you can select previous days, weeks, months

Downtime tracking (from version 3.13)

After we select line or machine (not whole plant) functionalities of Downtime tracking report are accessible by clicking on any downtime.



States and problems

Summary resolution


Report in Summary resolution shows:

  • Duration of the given line state

  • Duration of a given downtime for each state

  • Reasons for each state

In this view you will also see the state: WORK.

By default, we show downtime over 1%. If you want to see all the downtime, click on “show others” in each state section.

You can display this report in a resolution: summary, day, week. In resolutions day & week report is displayed as a column only with durations of each state & problem.

Downtime duration

The report shows the total duration of a given downtime or state but it's divided into the duration of a single occurrence of a given state.

See above: Total time of downtime "Lack of components or product" took 15:03 min. but the single occurrence of this downtime was in the range between 0 sec. and 30 sec.



Downtime tracking (merged into Downtimes from 3.13+)

This report can tell us about one particular type of downtime and show us when it was present (shift/hours/days). We can observe it’s duration or quantity during chosen period and moment.

There’s a possibility to use problems Classification, so we can see summed duration & quantity of each node