Order Management

In 3.7 Cockpit app there is a new functionality on Main Screen joining Monitoring and Tasks - Activities, which is a simplified version of Activities (Orders) tab from PackOS.


After clicking on the new Activities button we are transferred to the user's plants view, the same one as when clicking on Monitoring. After choosing plant we go to the new screen, where there are displayed all orders from every line on our selected factory. 

Orders are shown in order: Draft, Released, Activated, In Progress and Completed, the same as in PackOS.

We can see data such as:

  • id,

  • line,

  • SKU,

  • description,

  • planned quantity with unit and produced/wasted,

  • start date and time (only on Activated and Completed),

  • end date and time (only Completed).

At the top there’s a search bar where we can look for orders that we want by using their Description or Activity ID.

searching the same order by using description and activity id

Below that there’s active date range which is set for today by default - all orders that got start/end date in this range are shown here.

If we click on ‘Filters’ beside searchbar we can filter our orders the way we want:

  • by date,

  • by status,

  • by line.

We can merge filters with each others using checkboxes.

After successfully marking filters we can click on Apply button at the bottom to go to the already filtered list of orders.

We can remove all filters by button Clear all or one by one on the filtered list by clicking on 'X' beside it at the start of it.

Deleting filters one by one on filtered list


By clicking on one of the orders we enter screen of editing it.
In this view, depending on order status, we can edit every field beside Activity ID:

  • Line (only in Draft and Released),

  • Description (all statuses),

  • SKU ID (only in Draft and Released),

  • Configuration (only in Draft and Released),

  • Planned quantity (all statuses),

  • Unit (only in Draft and Released),

  • Planned start/end (only in Draft and Released),

  • Changeover duration (only in Draft and Released).

Editing can be simply performed by clicking on a field that we want to change, using text or choosing option from dropdown and to save it user has to click on blue ‘Done’ button at the top right.


released order edit view

At the bottom of this screen we can also perform (depending on order state) different actions:

  • on Draft → Delete,

  • on Released → Delete, Activate,

  • on Activated → Cancel, Start,

  • on Started → Report resources (manhours), Finish,

  • on Completed → Report resources (manhours).

Clicking on Delete is taking us back to the updated list of orders whereas clicking on Cancel, Start or Activate button are changing status of the order and user is still on the same screen.

We cannot activate an order if there’s already one running on the same line


When we click on ‘Finish’ button we are taken to manual reconcilliation screen where we can set number of Produced and Wasted products and informations about order are displayed.