Cockpit configuration

To match customer needs, cockpit can be customised using Plant Properties

Plant properties can be found (or created) in PackOS > Settings > Advanced Section > Plant Settings.

Property is applied to all factory lines.

Properties are loaded on Plant Line Screen mount. After update in PackOS, return to Plant Selection Screen in cockpit and select factory again.


Property used to select cockpit data time range. Currently cockpit handles following values:
plant , shift , order

By default plant cockpit_type is used.


Display data for current day, from DAY_START to DAY_START + 24h


Display data for current or last shift.

Additionally displays shift selector

When previous shift is selected, historical orders are visible on line screen


Display data for current order. When there is no order on the line, “No ongoing order” text is displayed to the operator.


Property used to select dashboard layout in Cockpit.


Default cockpit layout.


Focuses on machine graph. Machine graph has precedence, and order information is hidden (current order, history).


Focuses on the line graph. Machine graph is the first view section.



We can see Monitoring with OEE indicators for previous shifts


Flag that specifies if “Report resources” button is visible.



When false:
- Changeover duration field in new order form is hidden
- There is no “Activate button” on order list. Instead operator see “Start” button



Specifies which taxonomy is used in Cockpit (in 3.13 in PackOS too) in downtime edition flow. Taxonomy is selected by entering correct classification code. You can find classification code in Classifications Editor


If no (or invalid) taxonomy code is specified, standard downtime flow is used (select machine → state → problem) (Default)

States won’t be visible when using this property




Allows to show or hide hints - true / false


Allows to show downtimes list below the line status