Classification Editor

In this version it will be possible for user with set of tenant permissions to create and edit their own Classification for both Problems and Factory Structure in ConfigHub.


General under classification name means that classification is global - all plants can use them, they are not assigned to a specified plant.

When creating new classification we have to choose if we want it to be a classification for Problems and/or Factory structure. Beside that it’s mandatory to assign it to Plant (1 classification/1 plant) and fill Code.

Adding levels & nodes

Factory structure classfication can be used in Plants tab, when looking through Plant structure. It can be also used in OEE Details report.


Problems classification can be used in Settings -> Problems tab and in Site OEE report.

Example of classification

Below there’s an example of classification for Problems regarding downtime shown in a tree.

When creating it, we have to remember about properly nesting all the levels and nodes.